Cultivate inner harmony, elevate your self-assurance, and actualize your dreams with LiveTree. Enhance your life's symphony, boost your confidence crescendo, and orchestrate the realization of your aspirations. Harmonize your soul's sanctuary, amplify your intrinsic worth, and bring your ambitions to fruition. Foster a serene core, strengthen the pillars of your self-esteem, and turn your visions into reality. Nourish your inner equilibrium, heighten your sense of self-empowerment, and chart the course to your desired future. Download LiveTree - Affirmations


More than 7000 positive phrases

Surround yourself with positivity at the click of a button! Welcome to an immersive experience where over 7,000 inspiring phrases await to uplift your spirit and brighten your day. Just a few moments with these empowering words can transform your mindset and infuse your life with optimism. Tune in, let the positive energy flow through you, and embark on a journey of motivation and joy.

Multi languages

Empower your mindset with our Affirmation App, featuring multilingual support to inspire positivity, boost self-esteem, and foster personal growth, wherever you are, in your preferred language.

I am surrounded by supportive, positive people who believe in me and want to see me succeed
Mon esprit ne doute pas de moi-même et je suis prêt à relever tous les défis qui se présenteront à moi.
Я обладаю полным правом на то, чтобы быть богатым человеком и осуществлять свои мечты.
Mi mente está libre de dudas y estoy listo para aceptar todos los desafíos que se me presenten.
Minha mente está livre de dúvidas e estou pronto para aceitar todos os desafios que surgirem no meu caminho.
जीवन एक अद्भुत साहसिक है और मैं सवारी से प्यार कर रहा हूँ!

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What is the app about.

LiveTree is an app where you can expect over 7000 audio affirmations for every day in 6 different languages such as English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi. You can ask the app any question, and it will give advice and select the necessary words. It offers the ability to create new phrases, voice them with our narrators' voices or your own. It includes many diverse sections, without exception, providing everything necessary for personal growth. It will help to tap the power of the mind, motivate you to achieve the desired result. You will have access to a vast collection of positive affirmations, prepared by professionals and voiced by both male and female voices. There is an option to add favorites or block unwanted ones. Over time, you will assemble a list of affirmations that are right for you. One of the key features of the app is the addition and voicing of your own phrases. You simply write the text, and it becomes available for listening. If you have trouble deciding or coming up with your own phrases, our virtual assistant will help pick the right words. Calming music will give an additional ability for perception and self-suggestion. There are numerous settings, choice of melody, background change, adjustment of the interval between affirmations, volume control, and much more. A sleep timer will automatically end the listening after a set time, and notifications with quotes from famous people in the morning and in the evening will give you even more confidence.

The app gives your peace of mind a chance to be with you, regardless of place, time, and mood. Repeating specific daily affirmations for success or money will allow your subconscious to tune in more accurately to the necessary wavelength. Our affirmations will help you realize how the world around you will burst with new colors. Louise Hay, as the founder of this technique, says, - words not only have a conceptual meaning, they have the power to turn the world around. Just relax, unwind, and be positive! Of course, it is important to understand that nothing happens here and now, self-improvement requires daily efforts. Programming your inner "self" helps to focus on solving virtually any task. Self-suggestion is one of the fundamental approaches in this matter. Meditation can significantly change a person, visualize goals for their achievement. The affirmation will stay with you, causing your subconscious to start responding to the defined image, adjusting everything conscious and unconscious to set plans. Every phrase chosen for meditation will fully correspond to your internal world. It is important to use a set of words that reflect deep views in combination with desires. By forming true desires hidden deep within yourself, you can use self-hypnosis to bring them out - to bring them to life. We will help you to tune in and be in a state of relaxation. Often repeating an affirmation, by closing a loop of five to eight repeats, can achieve a state comparable to a meditative trance, where you can easily find the echoes of your true "self." Meditation before sleep and in the morning will ensure the result.